What is FC CORNER ?

FC CORNER is a community that gathers in a unique place collectors of football matchworn shirts. Their goal can be to show only their collection, but also to sell, buy or exchange shirts.

FC CORNER is not a commercial site that sells shirts or takes commission from transactions between members. Its purpose is only to connect collectors worldwide.

A powerful and smart search engine called exhaustive search allows to find instantly matchworn shirts around the world and receive real-time notifications.

FC CORNER is an international site. This allows some collectors to find rare shirts abroad for example after an exchange between players during an international match.


What is the exhaustive search ?

For the same search, many collectors must often type several different keywords in various websites.

For example, a collector who would like to find Bayern Munich shirts may have to type the following keywords:



Shirt Munich

Shirt Bayern

Maillot Munich

Maillot Bayern

Maglia Bayern

Maglia Munchen

Trikot München

Trikot Bayern




The searches are often tedious and not always relevant. Indeed, a collector may miss a shirt if the seller has misspelled his ad. Moreover, if the search does not specify "worn", many results will have no relation with his search. On the other hand, if the search specifies "worn", then it could be too restrictive and the collector could miss again some shirts.

With FC CORNER’s exhaustive search, these problems are over.


For example, if you type the keywords:




your search will always display the same results, ie, the shirts of the French National Team, regardless of the country and the language of the member owning the shirt.

You save precious time and more than that you are informed in real time of any shirt that may interest you without missing a single one.


Why use FC CORNER rather than another site ?

FC CORNER seeks to gather in a single place all the community of shirt collectors who are today in various websites.

You will find hereunder a comparison of some features that makes FC CORNER stand out from other types of site:








 Basic search



 Exhaustive search





 Guarantee of authenticity






 Communication between members

 Real-time notifications








 Commission on transactions




 Status of the shirt (for sale or not)




Guarantees and security



Each Member declares on his honor that the shirt is authentic and can be excluded in case of infringements.

Moreover, a first filter is done by the FC CORNER Team which approves every shirt posted by the members.

Finally, any members can contribute to the quality of the site reporting eventual suspicious shirts.

Your transactions with other members during sales or exchanges are therefore more secure.


« Up-to-date » collections

Some collectors show on their pages shirts they do not possess anymore.

This can cause several problems:

-          The same shirt can be found at the same time in the collections of the former and the new owner, thus discrediting his seriousness

-          The collector keeps his old shirts online to create a kind of fictitious showcase to delude other collectors

FC CORNER is a paid service which restricts the number of shirts online in function of the subscription chosen. This encourages members to clean their collections to avoid paying unnecessarily.


Less disturbance

For each shirt posted online, the collector must specify whether it is for sale or not. Having these information instantly, the other members can refrain from disturbing the collector to ask if the shirt is for sale. The status of the shirt may be changed at any time to inform other members that it is now available for sale.


What is free on FC CORNER ?

You can search for shirts and see the members’ collections.


Why are there some paid services on FC CORNER ?

The paid services ensure the members to have a quality service:

-          Fast and relevant searches

-          Real-time notifications

-          Updated collections encouraged

-          Declaration on the honor of authenticity and possibility of sanctions in case of infringements

-          Your contacts are real collectors and not simple curious people

-          The site is advertising-free


When I post a shirt, why can I only choose the teams and competitions from the suggested listed menus ?

In order to make the shirt search more efficient, no matter the language, it is essential to select the fields that are suggested.

If you do not find any team or competition in the lists matching your shirt description, you can simply fill in the “Missing Info” form and submit your suggestions to the FC CORNER Team.



Why sell your shirts on FC CORNER ?

FC CORNER is the reference website for collectors of football matchworn or issued. If you have one shirt for sale or if you are regular seller, FC CORNER allows you to target directly the people interested who will receive real-time notifications.

Moreover, as a member you can search and contact all collectors who are likely to buy your shirt


Why put your collection online ?

The richer FC CORNER’s database, the better the website works.

The collections of shirts (even not for sale) posted online allow to link all collectors of the world.

You contribute to a virtuous circle that is beneficial to the entire collectors’ community.